The entrepreneurship concept – a short introduction

  • Magnus Hoppe Mälardalens Högskola


The article provides a historic description of how the entrepreneurship concept has developed and now through political initiatives is closing in on higher education. By providing different reference points the article shows that entrepreneurship is not bound to economics and business but instead display divergent meanings depending on context. The article discuss how governmental initiatives, following the policy development in EU and Sweden, has made entrepreneurship a highly contemporary issue for university staff but where the exact meaning of the term is obscured, leaving us unsure of the political agenda driving the implementation. What kind of change the on-going promotion of entrepreneurship in higher education will lead to is thus still to be revealed where the ambiguity of the term together with connotations of success and progression makes it hard to resist. University staff is therefore encouraged to reading up on the concept, where the article provides a short introduction that might serve as a start.

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Magnus Hoppe, Mälardalens Högskola

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Business Administration


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Hoppe, M. (2016). The entrepreneurship concept – a short introduction. Högre Utbildning, 6(2), 95-108. Hämtad från